I can't believe not one employee has not complained about this Company or customers.They think they are gods and fire people for what ever reason they can make up.

They have no loyalty to their dedicated employees. They work their employees like dogs and then when they are wore out or too old to find another job they get rid of them not to mention that when you need a manager you can find them at the local golf course drunk or the local bar. The whole corporation are next to nothing but hypocrits and protect there alcoholic managers that even come to work drunk to train new employees. Corporate needs to come and make surprise visits especially on Fridays.

They would not find one manager in the building after 10 am but if they checked the local bar they would find them three sheets to the wind.

Shame on you Usfoodservice.HYPOCRITS !


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Worked there for a 1 1/2 months and could not stomach it anymore


They are an entire bunch of fucktards. Unethical, illegal and immoral....The USFoods SUUUUUCK :grin

Augusta, Georgia, United States #674872

I have worked for several trucking companies in my 10 years of driving.Though the driving positions wether it be delivery or overnight shuttles, it is well worth it to be able to be at home with my family everyday.

I make in three days at US Foods what I made as a company driver with OTR companies in five. Yes it's hard. But the pay and benefits make up the difference. They don't just fire you.

If you get fired, you messed up. Take responsibility for your own mistakes. You messed up a retirement career. Far as the work load, no pain no gain.

There is always minimum wage.

Thank you.Happy US Food worker.


I worked in the corporate office and they have no structure, and while management sits in your area, they are never around. Everyone works nights and weekends and talks about it before meetings or in the halls.

There is no training on their tools and they expect you to jump in and know everything immediately. Management watches over you and pairs up with your colleagues to find out what you are doing. How about just asking the employee or going by their desk?

They tell you to "protect" yourself because they fire so easily.

Management admitted to bad structure and no direction but she was the same way. She did not care about how a new employee was doing, and just complained about a project she was doing for another team.

Not professional, and too bad because there are a lot of nice people there and it is a nice facility.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #640126

they are the worst company to work for.they treat you like ***.

they promise the world and never come through. they lie to your face and when confronted about their lies they say i never said that. i feel i have to carry a pocket recorder at all times to cover my *** because of their constant lying.

they suck work for some one else but not them..employed with them for 7 years,,


You should work for Jordanos Food Service where the average employee has been there for 14 years!!!


Yes they do treat their employees like ***!The building that I worked in in Austin Texas should have been condemned, they have since moved but I'm sure that the same idiots are running the place.

I was let go after 3 months with the reason that I just wasn't working out. I found out the next day that a temp that was working there at the same time was interviewed for the position but couldn't pass his background check. Appearently he liked to beat up his wife. He did kiss *** to the manager, which is why I got let go and he was interviewed.

It's a dump of a place full of smiling jackyls. These guys will smile in your face while they stick a knife in your back. If you are looking for a job in the food wholesale business go to Cisco.

There is a reason why they are on top, I'm sure that there is more than one!I did everything that I was instructed to do there with zero mistakes and I was still let go.

to Big Swifty Mokena, Illinois, United States #615220

It's Sysco!And they Suck too!!!!! :upset :eek

to Big Swifty Newark, New Jersey, United States #640131

hey big swifty.that seems to be the norm at us foods.

they are all run by idiots and they tell you things to do that are not safe and they them selves would not do but want you to risk your *** and do it' they all suck including sysco i was with them for over 14 years.all of the management at us foods in new jersey are a bunch of idiots and i forgot more than they know about running a business than they know..


I work at the Menominee falls Division !This division is terrible !

It is run on a shoe string! Everybody from the V.P. of operations to the supervisors should be scrutinized about the *** job they do ! When A problem arises in Transportation they look at numbers then the facts !

U.S. FOODS IN Rosemount IL should take a drastic look into this problem! Then the router they have also maps out how the trucks should be loaded !

This guy does such a terrible job !Unsafe place to work!!!!

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